4 trendy bathroom styles that can change your life

Bathrooms are one of the underappreciated parts of any house. Here are some outside-the-box designs for bathrooms Melbourne art students and home renovators can take inspiration from.
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The rustic feel
Rustic ideas for bathrooms give it an illusion that space is bigger than it actually is. Aside from having wooden cabinets and brown panels installed, hazel or coffee coloured tiles can also be put in place.
Giving your bathrooms a rustic renovation gives off the feeling that the space is altogether different from other parts of the house. Wooden floors also add rustic feels especially on open space bathrooms.
The jungle style
The jungle style is no longer new but it is refreshing and quite effective to alleviate stress. People go to the bathroom for different reasons but the ultimate goal is to be relaxed and released from burdens.  Having plants in bathrooms give it an additional layer of greens.
The jungle style is usually done when there is an outdoor bathroom which has big, open space. The plants do not only serve for aesthetic purposes but they also help purify the air around your bathroom.
The 80s never goes out of style
The 80s represent the bloom in the pop scene. Bathrooms with 80s retro design feature checkered tiles. Some funky portraits, such as Andy Warhol art pieces to reminisce the 80s vibe, could also be hanged on the walls.
The colours and shapes of decors must be coordinated to give off a vintage look. Old movie posters memorabilia and vintage mirrors could adorn the walls.
Minimalist style
The minimalist style has been trending lately, thanks to influencers on social media, particularly on Instagram. Minimalist style is clean and lesser colour and furniture are used.
A good, natural lighting is also crucial to the minimalist style. Influencers who use this for their bathroom renovations imply that less is more.
Bathroom design for everyone
There are iconic bathrooms Melbourne officials have built for public use. There is even a national toilet map online provided by the public officials.
Even if you are not design or art student or someone who works in the home remodelling industry, you can still achieve big plans for small bathroom renovations Melbourne has for homes or offices.
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