NEC Telephone Systems in Brisbane

With PROSUM, you can find the most appropriate communication solutions for your business. This is particularly the case if you are looking for reliable NEC phone systems Brisbane solutions. Whether you are a small business or a large Australian corporation with various offices nationwide and around the world, you can find the best telecoms solutions that will suit all your business communications needs.

NEC phone systems Brisbane

If you are a small business with big ambitions to grow into a major business player, you will find a highly scalable system that you can grow with into the future. Big businesses can find NEC telecoms solutions that will meet their precise needs and scale in order to ensure a smooth-running communications infrastructure.

Buying NEC phone systems Brisbane services from PROSUM offers you certain advantages. The most important is the quality of service and the reliability of the systems. You can be sure that you are buying a system that will keep your business running very effectively and providing you with very rich communications features along with reliable business phones support.

Top Reasons to Choose NEC for Your Brisbane Business

When you choose NEC phone systems in Brisbane, you have the guarantee of working with a top global brand with a reputation for reliability when it comes to the provision of the business phone systems. NEC has a diverse portfolio that delivers some of the most reliable communication equipment and services for businesses. These come with a high standard and great reliability for your business.

NEC offers a very diverse range of latest communications equipment and servers. These include the NEC IP communication servers, its PBX phones, the data technology products for your business and so much more. NEC has the technological infrastructure to support every aspect of your modern business communications needs.

The NEC phone systems Brisbane, Australia has today can serve diverse business needs and help meet varied scale for your business operations. Whether you are looking for a small system that can support less than 10 users or the large business phone systems to support up to 500 staff members, you can find it from NEC’s great choice of products and packages.

With these, you will be able to increase the productivity and efficacy of your business operations. NEC offers businesses several advantages. These include the reliability of the systems, the speed and the security that will ensure that your voice data communications are highly secured.

With the highly reliable NEC systems, you will be able to accomplish much more with in your business. The business functionality is quite diverse. The main functionalities of the NEC phone systems Brisbane has to offer include the call management features, a great array of call center applications, messaging functionalities, business mobility services, along with various portals for communications amongst others.

There are various NEC systems for which you can get support from PROSUM. These include the SV8100, the SV8300, the SV8500, the SL1100, the IPS2000, the IVS2000, the Xen Topaz, the Xen Master, the Xen IPK, the Xen Axis and so much more. Check out the PROSUM website  for additional information on its NEC telephone systems solutions in Brisbane.

Home studio sound proofing: Sound blocking vs sound absorbing

Probably, you’ve stumbled upon the term “sound blankets” as you search about sound proofing your own home recording studio. These sound blankets are vital for any recording studio, but you need more than that.

You need to know about sound absorbing and sound blocking treatments for your studio, so you can block external noise whilst keeping echoes under control.

Thus, read on and see what you need to sound proof your home recording studio, along with having quality sound blankets on your walls.

What you should know about sound blocking and sound absorbing for home studio?

Before you browse sound blankets and buy one for your home studio, you should know about the two basic means of acoustic treatment, first. These are sound blocking and sound absorbing, which are both essential in coming up with a quality recording room.

However, don’t set aside sound blankets if you’ve already spotted some. You still need to buy and install them, along with some other acoustic reinforcements.

Sound Absorbing

Feeling annoyed with all the echoes and vibrations through your recording? Sound absorption should help you deal with that.

This is the technique that helps prevent sound from bouncing all over your studio, thus preventing the formation of echoes throughout the recording processes.

If you’re recording your vocals for a metal track, for example, your loud screaming voice will probably bounce as echoes on common walls and floors. Not mentioning that vibrations could be picked up as well, worsening problems in your recording outputs.

This is where sound absorption comes in, and you can accomplish it by installing sound blankets all over your studio. These sound blankets could absorb your loud voice, preventing echoes from bouncing off to your microphone.

However, you should have the right sound blankets that can deal with echoes across the sound spectrum. Cheap sound blankets can only absorb high pitch, doing nothing to stop low frequency or bass echoes from forming.

On the other hand, quality acoustic blankets, like those you can spot at, can easily deal with echoes across the sound spectrum.

Sound blocking

It’s not enough to simply absorb the sound with these sound blankets. You need to block external and internal sound as well. For example, you should prevent the noise of your neighbours’ dog from getting inside your studio. Similarly, you would also want not to disturb your neigbour with your loud drums.

Thus, you should seal your entire studio to block sound from coming in our out.

Probably the more expensive treatment of the two, sound blocking requires you to do something about your studio’s structural components. For example, you need to use a 5/8 sheetrock for your walls, instead of the usual concrete for sound-proofing properties.

Alternatively, you can apply sound barrier layers over your walls for it.

Now that you already know about sound blocking and absorbing, apply both treatments in your home studio for the best acoustic results. You can also connect with for your queries, so professionals could help you out.

Check out their collection page and see quality products that your studio probably needs.

Benefits of Refrigeration Hire

Restaurants and customers in food sector can benefit from services of fridge hire Sydney market has today. It is true that buying a personal fridge may be expensive, especially if you trade only for a short duration. That can be ideal for exhibitions and new product displays.

Commercial fridge hire Sydney companies provide comes with several benefits. To begin with, you need to know to know why you should hire the equipment. Are you going to use it in an exhibition or in a commercial establishment? If in an exhibition, you may need to consider power outlets and convenience of the place as well. Besides, it is essential to engage a company that has excellent equipment for refrigeration.

Many companies offering Sydney refrigeration hire services often have a variety of equipment to meet the needs of various customers. For example, if you need refrigeration services for drinks, you should just hire a fridge that is configured for drinks. This is different from a customer in need of deep freezing equipment for food products. Besides, size of the equipment matters when you choose services of fridge hire Sydney companies offer.

Once you determine your purpose for rental, you should approach a reliable supplier and seal the contract. Here are various benefits you derive from fridge rentals in Sydney:

Flexible terms: when you buy refrigeration equipment, you have to stay with it even when you no longer need its services. You may decide to put it up as used fridge for sale to generate some extra cash. However, under rental terms, you only rent a fridge for as long as you need it.

For example, if you want to showcase new products at an exhibition for only three days or one week, you will sign a contract with your supplier only for that period. In other words, it can be short, medium, or long-term contract.

A wide range of equipment: from a supplier of refrigeration equipment for hire, you can get ideal equipment for your business. Whether you need a cold display for drinks, or a deep freezer for ice creams, you can get the equipment in the right size from a reliable dealer.

Don’t worry about service and maintenance: when you sign a rental contract with a supplier, need not worry about maintaining the equipment, as the supplier handles that part. Companies offering fridge hire services in Sydney have skilled staff to work on their equipment in customers’ premises and provide maintenance as required. This is another way of cutting expenses when you hire equipment instead of buying.

Mock-up service: some companies provide their customers with a preview of how the fridge will blend with their company before they can sign a rental contract. Besides, some companies may require branding of their fridges to match their company. This however, depends on the agreement you make with your supplier.

Logistics: when you need the fridges in various locations as your business may dictate, you can rely on your supplier to do the logistics. This again saves you from further expenses.

For more information about fridge rental Sydney market has for customers, visit